The Galactic Union (Drola Gytka Zwania) was a feudalistic union of thousands of vassal planets across the Galaxy lead by the Kingdom of Rotoskvin, the king of which served as the head of state for the Galactic Union.

The Galactic Union at its height in 638 AE possessed 24 sectors with countless vassal-worlds within these. Each sector was governed by a Sectoral Viceroy, a direct vassal of the Galactic King, and the Planetary Lords were direct vassals of the Viceroy.

History Edit

The Kingdom of Rotoskvin, the eventual Galactic Union, was founded in 0 AE after the Unification of Rotoskvin. At this time, it was ruled by King Janon the Bold, an individual who claimed descendants from the hero Pontes Adarus. King Janon lead his armies in battles throughout the sector, conquering the disorganized human and alien worlds and expanding the borders of his nation.